c’t 3003: a day at an offshore wind farm

c't 3003: a day at an offshore wind farm

For eight years, 80 wind turbines have been operating at Mirwind Wind Farm, 24 kilometers northeast of Helgoland. Wind, sun and salt water exert their influence on the giants. Every day, technicians steer ships to wind turbines and look after systems that have been approved for 20 years. From investigations with divers on the foundation, to work on the so-called “TP”, the yellow center piece that connects the wind turbine structure to the seabed base to the electrical system and rotors – every stop costs money. After a brief briefing on weather conditions and actions to be taken, “Seawind 1” will sail to the North Sea from the port of Heligoland. The former Norway fjord ferry takes technicians to the wind turbine and Johannes Bornsen accompanies them with a camera.

The OSS substation, known as “Dicker Malt”, is also located in the middle of the wind farm. This is where the cables from the wind turbine come together and the electricity is converted to avoid damage. These systems should also be regularly checked and serviced. So technicians are on the road 12 hours per shift, 14 days at a time, and that’s more than enough to do.

c no 3003 c does not have a youtube channel. The videos on c’t 3003 are independent material and are independent of c’t magazin’s articles. Editor Jan-Keno Jansen and video producers Johannes Bornsen and Sahin Erengil publish one video every week.

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c't magazine.  more than

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