Custom AI masks according to pollution levels

Custom AI masks according to pollution levels

South KoreaThe new design from the research team at the University of Seoul helps mask-wearing people feel more comfortable when exercising outside.

The mask model was developed by Professor Seung Hwan Ko and his colleagues. Photo: ACS Nano

Professor Seung Hwan Ko in the Laboratory of Applied Nanotechnology and Thermodynamics at Seoul National University (SNU), and his colleagues have developed a mask that automatically adjusts the size of the stoma in response to changing conditions while exercising. Level. The mask is integrated with AI software that allows adjustment of the person’s respiratory characteristics, the user can breathe more easily.

The team developed a respirator with microscopic holes that expand when stretched, allowing more air to pass through. Air filtration efficiency decreased by 6%, but the breathability of masks made of electro-rotating nanofibers increased significantly.

The mask’s filter connects to an ultra-light mobile device that contains a sensor, an air pump and a microcontroller chip. The device communicates wirelessly with an external computer powered by artificial intelligence (AI) software that responds to microscopic particles in the air as well as changes in the user’s breathing patterns during exercise. There are two filters on either side of the mask.

The research team tested the new mask with volunteers. The results showed that when volunteers exercised in polluted air compared to clean air, abdominal size increased less.

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