Cyberdog: encounter with Xiaomi’s robotic dog

Cyberdog: encounter with Xiaomi's robotic dog

Last summer, the Chinese electronics conglomerate Xiaomi launched its robot dog cyberdog Presented, Xiaomi has robots that can vacuum vacuums for a long time. But Cyberdog is a first tryin field of four legged robot To get a foothold. The machine is only sold in China, but the Austrian branch of the manufacturer received a copy and showed it to me.

One fiftieth of the spot is spent

Cyberdog doesn’t look like a dog at all. He has a flat, elongated body and 4 flexible feet with rubber soles. any one ever Many Videos of Robot Spot Similarities were observed from Boston Dynamics.

with all-around skills 70,000 euro spot Cyberdog can’t keep up. For example, he can’t climb stairs, open doors, or shepherd the sheep, which costs money Equivalent to only 1435 euros,

Smartphone as a controller

With a length of 77 centimeters, a width of 40 centimeters and a weight of 14 kilograms, the Cyberdog actually has the dimensions of a dog. voice commands He doesn’t understand it in the basic version, but his hardware equipment should be able to do this in theory. control he instead by app,

Similar to a game console controller, you have 2 joysticks on the smartphone display and can march the robot in any direction, walk sideways and tilt forward or backward.

You can do different move set. This allows the robot to jump faster, slower or even like a rabbit. it needs top speed 11.52km/h Yes, but a real dog can easily outperform a cyberdog in no time.

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cyberdog in pictures

male and side roll

Really cool tricks can be called in the Controls app in a separate submenu. Cyberdog can then make figures, roll sideways on the floor, or “dance”.

There is a mode where you can play Cyberdog take on a leash And can practically go for a walk with it. Robot can also its user follow freely without a leash, With its myriad cameras, it can recognize people and differentiate between them.

automatic tracking

Live images from the robot’s front camera can be called through the app. all visible are on it trapped people To see. You tap on the person you want CyberDog to follow and it’s instant marked on it,

He follows you virtually everywhere, with a safe distance. He only gets restless when you move too fast from him. He says something in Chinese that probably means “Hello? Where are you?” The thought of going around in circles and looking for his mistress or master does not come to him on his own.

invitation to expand

Developers can add additional capabilities to Cyberdog. the aim of the project is open source communityThat is, technicians who want to delve deeper into the firmware of the robot and implement their ideas.

With the Nvidia Jetson-Xavier platform on board, artificial intelligence can be used extensively. as well hardware extension Robot is possible. Three USB-C and one HDMI ports are located under a cover on the top.

The fact that CyberDog can’t climb stairs limits its use, but those that don’t, it still can. Until then, you can use 14 kg of equipment integrated carrying handle Drag. According to Xiaomi, CyberDog can run on grasslands and gravel. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when he’s there living four legged friend to encounter.

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