Demand: Turn off lights for more wind turbine approvals

Demand: Turn off lights for more wind turbine approvals


Red lights in wind farms can be seen from afar at night. However, many people find it annoying. In Germany, therefore, from 2023, blinking ceased. OVP Lower Austria is now making the same demand in this country as well.

If the OVP has its way to Lower Austria, the lights on the wind turbines should not flash permanently, but only when an aircraft is approaching. She intends to submit and resolve an application for “demand-controlled night time marking for wind turbines” in the upcoming state parliament session in early July. This should reduce light emissions at night and increase public acceptance of wind farms.

“It is the order of the day to create the framework conditions to promote the expansion of renewable energy as well as to increase its acceptance among the population,” club president Claus Schneberger said in a press release. Responsible Federal Minister Leonor Gesler (Greens) Judge.

98 percent less light is possible according to studies

In general, aviation obstacles above a certain altitude should be marked with a red flashing light. In the meantime, however, according to OVP Lower Austria, the technical prerequisites have been created so that it is only activated when an aircraft approaches the danger zone.

In Germany this is already required by law. Demand-controlled night-time marking is mandatory from early 2023, with an implementation deadline. The VP refers to studies from Germany, according to which blink activity can be reduced by up to 98 percent.

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According to the able provincial councilor Stefan Pernkopf (OVP), there are currently around 750 wind turbines in Lower Austria that will generate electricity for about 1.2 million homes. This production is expected to nearly double by 2030. “Of course, we will continue to rely on an energy transition with common sense,” Pernkoff says.


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