Details in Google search .. WhatsApp Clarity

Details in Google search .. WhatsApp Clarity

Internetdesk: The details of WhatsApp groups reappearing in Google search have been the talk of the town. Excited that someone can easily search through Google and connect through group invite links there. WhatsApp has recently responded to this. Issued a statement on this error.

We have been using the ‘no index’ tag since March last year without a description of whatsapp groups appearing in Google search since last year. We shared the same thing with Google. Although WhatsApp did not say that it had completely solved the problem, the group description disappeared from Google search after WhatsApp’s explanation.

The case came to light on Sunday when cyber security researcher Rajasekhar Rajaharia tweeted that the details of the WhatsApp group were appearing in a Google search. WhatsApp solved the problem when a similar thing happened in February last year. WhatsApp has once again commented on the revelation of the details in a recent Google search. However, Rajasekhar said that simply saying ‘no index’ would not solve the problem. Large companies such as WhatsApp have suggested an alternative idea keeping in mind the privacy of users.

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