Detection found from ‘call center’ in Bukaramanga Jails

Detection found from 'call center' in Bukaramanga Jails

The call for extortion received by many citizens And they were condemned, alerting the authorities to start an operation, which ended in the seizure of various communication devices and cell phones in the Palogordo de Girone and Modelo de Bucaramanga prisons.

According to General Xavier Martin, commander of the Buckeramanga Metropolitan Police, After receiving complaints, an investigation was initiated to establish where the calls were being made. It was established in such a way that the said communication This function is performed as a “prison type”.

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The official said a group of experts triangulated the call.A situation that established that their origins came from the Palagordo de Girone and Modelo de Buchermanga prisons.

For this type of crime, in addition to 53 SIM cards from various operators, 66 cell phones were used, Added to eight communication devices, as well as chargers and batteries. 90 sharp weapons were found at that time And 200 doses of narcotics.

These teams were found after inspection of 200 cells, In addition to the registration of more than 900 prisoners and 12 common areas where some evidence and possible material was found inside the cove.

The officer highlighted the technology that the National Police has with the Anti-Abduction Directorate. Where these calls originated would be in the right place, where a call center also operated, while the inlets allowed cellular devices to be hidden when inspected by the InPec guards.

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Officers will maintain a special vigilance to prevent such actions. Like scam and extortion They continue to be registered from inside the jails.


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