Dog Meets Whale For The First Time – Owner Movies

Dog Meets Whale For The First Time - Owner Movies

The crew of the “Monterey Bay Whale Watch” observation vessels in California have hearts not only for large marine mammals but also for dogs. “At Monterey Bay Whale Watch, pets are always welcome aboard our boats,” captioned the Instagram video of the captain and the whale.

caught on camera

Luckily, Ivan Brodsky had a camera with him when that beautiful scene came about. “Enjoy this very heartwarming video of our Boat Dog ‘Skipper’ turning one beautiful year Australian Shepherd, encountering a friendly humpback whale. Skipper loves whale watching just as much as we do!” And sure enough, the four-legged friend is very interested.

on the water with the master

As “” reported, citing California TV channel KTLA, Ivan Brodsky is company crew members, The beautiful sightings came to light when he recently took his dog Skipper on a whale-watching boat. The text indicates that Skipper was lucky. Not every tour is successful in seeing whales up close.

trusting humpback whales

The whale watchers added, “Encounters of this nature are extremely rare.”

lucky captain

In this sense, the skipper had caught a good tour. It is clear in the video that he cannot take his eyes off the unknown big animal in the water. His mentor, Ivan, told KTLA that this is why he loves having dogs on board. This creates a unique opportunity for land and water animals to meet.

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