Elon Musk clears up Twitter: Office equipment ends up at auction

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Elon Musk cleans out Twitter headquarters: chairs, coffee machine and blue bird go under the hammer

Elon Musk is apparently cleaning up on Twitter – in the truest sense of the word.

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Elon Musk solves this not only through employees on Twitter, but apparently through campus as well. Hundreds of items, including coffee machines and decorative items, will be auctioned in mid-January.

Elon Musk is making space in San Francisco. In mid-January, countless items are coming in from Twitter HQ”Heritage Global Partners” under the hammer. Among the offers are curiosities of the IT world, such as a giant blue bird or the “@ sign” 1.80 m high, but also quite useful items such as countless high-quality coffee machines, designer furniture or equipment for the canteen kitchen of

Starting prices are very low, with a wooden Eames chair starting at $50, a $25,000 La Marzocco espresso machine starting at $25.

it’s getting pretty uncomfortable on twitter

The offers give the impression that Musk wants to extend his “hardcore” working conditions to his latest company’s culinary offerings and narrow down the variety of enjoyment options. There are also slicers, blenders, giant ovens, industrial refrigerators, vegetable dryers and large fryers in the selection.

The technology is also available at low prices starting at US$50, such as many Apple iMacs, projectors, conference phones, countless interactive whiteboards of the Google Jamboard type, and various televisions.

The auction reveals not only that Elon Musk apparently turns every stone on Twitter, but also what conveniences the short messaging service had in everyday life before it was taken over. Months ago, a video went viral in which a Twitter employee went about his daily work. Even today, the post, said by Rachel Kuruvilla, a financial analyst at the company, is still used as an example of how privileged Twitter was considered before the Musk era.

“It has nothing to do with Twitter’s financial situation”

Unlike the “Good luck” A representative of the responsible auction house assured that the sale of several pieces of furniture had nothing to do with the company’s possible cash crunch. “Twitter was sold for US$44 billion and we’re going to sell some chairs, desks and Selling computers. So if anyone really thinks that the proceeds from the sale of a few computers and chairs will pay off that mountain of debt, they’re a fool.”

The auction will start on January 17, 2023 and will run for one day only. You can pay by bank transfer only, and the auction house will provide details on logistics in January. All items up for auction are currently located at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, California.

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