Enphase and First Solar: Biggest Winners and Million Milestones

Enphase and First Solar: Biggest Winners and Million Milestones

Green solar energy is experiencing its second major spring. Now a news has come from America’s Highflyer Enphase. Another big beneficiary of new US production is another hot stock.

Things are going well in Enphase – Americans are primarily known for their highly efficient and fast production of solar inverters. Partners around the world help with this. Now a milestone has been announced: Cellcomp has already manufactured 5 million IQ microinverters for Enphase in India since early 2020.

Rapid expansion in Europe

“We thank the strong partner and look forward to further cooperation,” reports Enphase. Indian inverters also end up in Europe, but due to a particularly strong boom in Germany and the Netherlands, Enphase is looking to “quickly” expand its regional production in Romania – see also the new AKTIONÄR TV:

Checking SMA Solar, Powercell, Plug Power

Another recommendation from the shareholder hot stock report is thin film solar module manufacturer First Solar. Oppenheimer analyst Colin Rusch thinks First Solar could earn between $8 and $10 per share more thanks to the announced US tax exemption. Adds Needham, “We believe that First Solar is the biggest beneficiary of the Inflation Reduction Act in our universe, which is still underestimated.”

Enphase Energy
(WKN: A1JC82)

Fifth Solar Share Now

Enphase is up more than 4,500 percent since it first appeared in the 2019 Hot Stocks report. In addition to Enphase, Green Depot 2030 has three other solar stocks with SolarEdge, SMA Solar and JinkoSolar, up more than 200 percent. Now the 5th part follows. The CEO of Solar Insider Tip was recently “excited as ever” at the opportunities in the solar sector. please activate here And from now on you will get all the details in good time.

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