EU approval for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y without radar >

tesla autopilot kameras sichtfelder

Soon after Tesla in the United States completed the switch to “vision only” announced by CEO Elon Musk, ie. Abandonment of radar in its sensors for the autopilot systemEuropean customers wanted to know when the time would come for them. But like the new autopilot software FSD, which has been tested in the United States since autumn 2020, the radar exemption in Europe was also a long one. Soon, though, Tesla’s first electric cars should actually be arriving in Europe, whose autopilot is based only on camera data (and ultrasonic sensors, see graphic above).

“Radar Removal” in New Tesla Registration

In the United States, Tesla is providing information about the change from May 2021 on a page titled “Transitioning to Tesla Vision”, for Germany it reported an error message this Friday. The list of functions, which, according to the US version, was temporarily restricted by radar exemptions, has now been reduced: Tesla only mentions a range of automatic steering up to 80 mph (about 130 km/h) and little else. Large minimum distance to his vision system.

In Germany, according to the manual on the web, the Tesla Helper called Steering Assistant works up to 150 kph on the Model 3 and Model Y, and they are equipped with a Continental radar. However, both are likely to change soon in Europe. Because new information on the type approval of two electric cars in the European Union was published this week, at the Tesla Drivers and Friends (TFF) Forum released, And among other minor innovations, the update in English includes the item “Radar Removal”.

According to German observer @tesla_adri, this means that the first Model 3 and the un-radar Model Y will reach Europe from China in the second quarter. he also admits With Model Y from German Gigafactory without this sensor. However, this seems less certain, as some Model Y Long ranges were recently produced at the new factory near Berlin, starting with the performance version, and the instructions for it are clearly “without radar and without spoiler”.

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Vision autopilot under German speed limit

Anyhow, the radar-free time at Tesla is beginning in Germany and the rest of Europe. On the one hand, this has raised concerns among customers that the steering assistant in the new Model 3 and Model Y may soon be used for around 130 kmph. This should be a more severe ban in this country than in most other places in the world, where speed limits are already low. On the other hand, it can mean that Europe too soon getting a major overhaul of autopilot software it happens. And according to Tesla, the restrictions should only be temporary.


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