Explained: How changes to the Google Free Cloud Storage Policy will affect you

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December 5, 2020 7:59:09 AM

From June 1, 2021, Google Photos will no longer be as free as before.

Google’s cloud online cloud storage policy will pass A big change From June 1, 2021. Reason: Search giant will no longer offer unlimited free storage for uploading photos and videos to its Google Photos service. But that’s not all: Google will also start tutoring content from inactive accounts. We explain to you everything that the user needs to know about Google’s new cloud online cloud storage policy and how it affects you.

What is Google’s current policy?

Users on a regular Google Account get 15GB of storage space for free. This is significantly higher than Microsoft, which offers 5GB of free space on OneDrive and Apple’s iCloud, which also offers 5GB.

This 15GB space counts towards the user’s Gmail, Drive and Photos. The drive contains all the files, spreadsheets, etc. created on the suite of Google apps like Google Apps, Google Sheets, etc. However, the photos uploaded to the Google Photos app do not count in this space. This applies to all high resolution photos and videos and express resolution photos and videos.

By Google’s definition, when you upload photos at high resolution, they are compressed to save space. Photos larger than 16MP have been resized to 16MP. All videos above 1080p resolution have also been resized to high-definition 1080p. In express resolution, photos are at a maximum of 3MP, and videos are at 480p resolution.

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People who were uploading photos and videos to the original resolution, i.e. no compression of photos or videos, will not be affected at all by the change. That’s because if you upload photos or videos to the original resolution, Google doesn’t consider this to be the opposite of the online storage available in your account.

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What is the big change in policy?

From June 1, 2021, Google Photos will no longer be as free as before. All photos and videos uploaded on June 1, 2021 will be counted towards account storage. Under the previous policy it was technically possible for you to continue uploading photos and videos without running a place on the free account, as it does not count. But that will all change next year.

So why is Google making this change?

With Google considering more than 1 billion users for each of its products and providing such cloud-free cloud storage, it doesn’t seem like a viable option.

Google itself explained in a blogpost that “people are uploading more content than ever before – in fact, more than 4.3 million GB is added to Gmail, Drive and Photos every day.” The company says these changes need to be made to keep pace with growing demand.

Next, Google’s move is likely to force users who were on the fence to pay to use the service on the cloud, especially those who now rely on Google Photos to upload and store their phone’s photo gallery.

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Under the Google One program, the company offers payment options for additional storage. In India, it starts at 200 GB at Rs 210 per month, 2TB at Rs 650 or Rs 6500 per month, 10TB at Rs 3,250 per month and 20TB at Rs 6,500 per month.

I don’t want to pay and I have a lot of photos on Google. Does that mean I have to delete all my previous photos?

Google is giving a little discount. All photos and videos uploaded before June 1, 2021 will be free and will not count for storage. So if you’ve somehow managed to upload more than 15GB of photos and videos to your Google Account so far, don’t worry. You do not need to delete them.

But all photos and videos uploaded on June 1, 2021 will be counted against the space provided by Google. And if you’re looking to continue uploading more photos and videos, it may make sense to pay for this service, given that 15GB is shared between Gmail, Photos and Drive.

For users who have a Google One account that is a paid account, there is nothing to worry about and nothing really changes. થયેલ ​​Express Express is now on Telegram

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Why is Google deleting content from inactive accounts?

As part of the new policy, Google will remove content from inactive accounts. Any account that has been inactive for more than two years or 24 months may have deleted content from products where the user is inactive. So if you haven’t used Google Photos for your account in two years, then the company will delete the content from that particular product.

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But “Google One members who are in their storage quota and in good condition will not be affected by this new passive policy,” the company says. Thankfully, Google often warns you before deleting data, and you will have the option to download the content.

According to the company, you can keep the account active by visiting “Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive” periodically on the web or through the Google app. If you have exceeded the storage limit for 2 years, you may have your content deleted. Again, before Google issues a warning, it decides to delete your data from accounts if you exceed the storage limit.

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