“Extremely realistic” VR training software for flight attendants

From Valentine Sattler ,
“Airline Flight Attendant Simulator VR” will soon be a VR simulator for flight attendants on Steam, which is actually used to train crews. Among other things, the developers advertise with realistic representations that prepare you for extreme situations.

Despite the usually somewhat outdated graphics of the associated games, VR headsets provide an immersion that is unattainable with normal screens. This makes them interesting not only for diving into the virtual world in the evening, but also as a training tool, for example. In this way, employees can practice their behavior in critical and/or rarely occurring situations. A simulator specially designed for this purpose will soon be publicly available on Steam.

Sports branch of a simulator

Specifically, it’s about the title Airline Flight Attendant Simulator VRThat’s scheduled for release on December 15th, according to the Steam product page. As the name suggests, the game is a simulator for flight attendants. However, it does not focus on the everyday life of this professional group, but on extreme situations – which fortunately happen very rarely. As a flight attendant, players must learn how to use the safety equipment on board the aircraft and how to respond to difficult situations in the event of a fire or plane crash.

“Your role is that of a flight attendant and your job is to protect passengers, flight crew and yourself. You’ll learn how to prepare safety equipment before takeoff and how to react in extreme situations when every second counts. Speed ​​up on a variety of tasks Includes and slow depressurization of the aircraft, smoke and fire in various parts of the aircraft, emergency landing and ditching (emergency landing at sea).

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Obviously, the title in particular should shine through with realism: the developers say that, for example, the representation of aircraft, accessories, soundscapes and gravity should be “extremely realistic”. The basic expertise is clearly available, as Airline Flight Attendant Simulator is being developed by AVIAR.

The same company already offers the simulator as a professional version for employee training in airlines. Unfortunately, nothing is known about possible differences between the professional and Steam versions. So you’ll probably have to wait until release to see if Flight Attendant Simulator – like other simulators on Steam – allows for slightly less serious gameplay.

Source: Steam

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