Face ID being added to iOS Chrome browser

ছবি- রয়টার্স

Google, a Chrome browser owner, is testing a new privacy feature in the browser’s incognito mode on iOS, according to technology site Verge. With this new system, iOS users will be able to bring the tab launched in incognito mode under the Face ID feature.

Technology veteran Apple’s facial recognition system is used to secure the iPhone or iPad. In addition, many apps have their own Face ID system for extra security

In the latest beta version of Chrome iOS, the web giant is testing the security of incognito tabs with Google Face ID. This will enable common users to use this feature in the coming months.

The latest Chrome 69 beta update note states, “When you go to your incognito tab, the tabs will blur until they detect you.”

Users can turn this feature on in Chrome Settings. However, this feature is still in the early stages of beta testing.

The beta version is expected to be released in early March this year. But it is not yet clear whether the Face ID feature will come within that time.

South Korean tech giant Samsung’s mobile browser has similar features. As a result, users can lock tabs in incognito mode with Face ID or Fingerprint.

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