Fall guys are teasing new stuff with things called “Big Yates”.

Image by Mediatonic

Fall ys guys Twitter is teasing new content with the post, referring to a hammer called “Big Yates”.

In the tweet, GIF shows a super-speed spinning hammer at the game’s dizzy heights level. The hammer is then used to throw the player towards the finish line or to “yat”.

Fall ys guys Saying that Big Yates will appear randomly in “shaking things” levels, and that he is chaotically neutral, not your friend, not your enemy.

Another interesting solution of GIF is that fruits are being arranged there at the end of Dizzy Heights. The game is currently just up, the ball is sent rolling not the fruits but at the end of the level.

The inclusion of fruit with Big Yeats can point to different types of current levels of play. Season two Fall guys, Which was teased last week and will be medieval-themed, will add more layers but has no release date.

Judgment by, of course Fall Guys’ Social media history, this tweet can be just a meme or troll and not a real addition to come. We should find out more in the coming days.


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