Files: Top Explorer Alternative for Windows

Files: Top Explorer Alternative for Windows

The developer says that in the files he sees an explorer as it should. It’s impressive what you can install on a small scale, as the most important functions are all implemented.

For example, all drives are integrated, there is a link to OneDrive and there is a display of recently used files. There are also tabs, so you can edit multiple folders without cluttering the desktop. A practical flyout menu provides a good overview.

Simple buttons let users navigate the file hierarchy, current paths can be easily copied, and items can be pinned for fast access.

If you prefer, you can simply open the selected folder on the command line from within Files. Column views and revamped context menus are new. They combine the most important tasks neatly and clearly.

What previously did not work well has been adapted. Example search: This used to take a little longer, but now it gives faster results.

The progress bar also doesn’t show up very often when opening large folders. What remains: Sometimes we have one or the other button and we have to click it multiple times.

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