Finally, a compact flagship to compete with the iPhone 12 mini: Key features of the Samsung Galaxy S22 line revealed

Finally, a compact flagship to compete with the iPhone 12 mini: Key features of the Samsung Galaxy S22 line revealed

Feather Samsung unveiled its foldable Galaxy Z smartphone last week fold 3 more Galaxy Z Flip 3, so now the focus The future flagships of the 2022 Galaxy S22. Despite Whats up them back in announcement best case 45 Months, the famous Ice Universe Insider has already revealed the key features of all three models.

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Looks like Samsung has decided to change its position and Make the base Galaxy S22 a compact flagship that will compete with the iPhone 12 mini and most likely, the iPhone 13 mini. If Galaxy S21 6,2 inches screen then In Galaxy S22 Online will be even less 6.01 in. If this information is confirmed, the smartphone will become the smallest device in the Galaxy S. With Since Galaxy S10e 2019.

In Then At the same time, the Galaxy S22+ should receive 6,55 inches performance, and Galaxy S22 Ultra 6,81-inch… for comparison, is S21+ 6.7 inches, y S21 Ultra 6.8 in. She Yes Galaxy S22+ will become even more compact software compared with Ancestor.

To Unfortunately, they won’t be small only screen but And accumulator battery capacity S22 and S22 + 3800 . Will happen mach and 4000 mAh, respectively, and S22 Ultra will last your battery 5000 Information about MH No charging speed yet.

All three models should receive 120Hz screen frequency, but Only the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be able to boast of QHD+ resolution and An LTPO panel that allows you to change the refresh rate dynamically.

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In terms of cameras, the Galaxy S22 and The S22+ is expected to use brand new 50 megapixel 1/1,55 inches main sensor, and Telephoto lens also on 12 MP With 3x optical zoom and Ultra-wide camera on 12 MP. You S22 Ultra, с On the other hand the main camera will be 108 MP And three additional sensors 12 MP telephoto then 3x optical zoom, with periscope 10x optical zoom and Ultra wide lens.

Remember that sources also report that Most Samsung Galaxy S22 flagships use the Exynos 2200. Will get Snapdragon 898 processor instead.

Source: ice universe
Covering: LetsGoDigital

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