Finally comes a real high-five

Finally comes a real high-five

Feather 17 July It is World Emoji Day. is matching emojipedia List of new emoji for iOS And Android Published, which will be published this year and next year.

Overall, a list of emoji version 15.0 (Only) 31 New motives. For comparison: was in 2020 334 recommendations and 2021 it was 112,

The Unicode Consortium decides which of these will actually be rolled out. There is still time till September for the final decision. However, it is very likely that most, if not all, motifs will be published.

official high five sign

You may see a face that trembles and is about to elicit a shock reaction. It can also be used as an earthquake symbol.

finally an official one is coming high five emojiFor which the “lock hands” or “clapping hands” have often been used until now. It rolls out the hands pointing left and right – so you can high-five with the other person like an emoji. Used personally, however, it can also indicate disapproval.

Includes emoji 15.0 a wifi theme as well as new animals donkeyOne jellyfish And a duck, When it comes to vegetables and plants, you can choose between, among other things Ginger, pea pods And hyacinths to select. Pink can also be a classic heart for the first time.

Emoji may vary depending on the platform. For example, Samsung uses emoji on its Galaxy smartphones that look slightly different from Google’s official Android emoji.

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