Flight Simulator: Sim Update 8 is coming soon

Flight Simulator: Sim Update 8 is coming soon

From Julius Baldo ,
As part of an updated roadmap for the Flight Simulator update, the developers have announced that Sims Update 8 will be released first. Accordingly, the release should take place on February 28, 2022, a day earlier than originally planned.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is still very popular and new updates from Developer Studio are always eagerly awaited by the die-hard community. For this reason, developers regularly publish roadmaps for the game’s development on their in-house blog, which gives a glimpse of what updates and announcements are coming next. The following major update is a one SIM update and is already in the starting block.

Flight Simulator: Sim Update 8 already on February 28

As we have already reportedSIM Update 8 was originally scheduled to release on March 01, 2022. However, something has changed in the plans, as the updated roadmap appears in the developer’s current blog entry. Instead, SIM Update 8 should appear a day earlier, on February 28, 2022. A day later there’s also the famous Flyer I: Antonov AN-2 and a trailer for it.

It is not yet clear what exactly is included in SIM Update 8. Support for DLSS is not included in any case. As a rule, SIM updates mainly fix bugs, offer better stability along with minor improvements and optimizations. The next major content update will probably just be World Update 8, which won’t be released until late March 2022. Until then, however, there will be new blog entries at regular intervals providing information about the further course of development and listing the most important bugs in the community.

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