Folded tablet in your pocket? Samsung claims double-bent display –

  Folded tablet in your pocket?  Samsung claims double-bent display -

Samsung virtually participated in the Display Week 2021 exhibition and showcased the latest developments in OLED panels. The most interesting is the display, which has more than two bars. Two hinges are included: the right one turns the display inward, the left one outwards.

So if you fold the display like a folder, you have a standard smartphone display. When placed in an aircraft, you get the dimensions of a tablet with a diagonal of 7.2 inches. Samsung also claimed to showcase a prototype with a retractable display. When expanded, the original content of the display remains the same, with shortcuts to the most frequently launched applications on the new part of the display.

The manufacturer also showed the idea of ​​a folding 17 “tablet. In the open state, the aspect ratio of the display is 4: 3, but there is no limit to spec. Half of the display can remain as a display, with the other touch being on the QWERTY keyboard. Can be projected.

And if Samsung uses the same “laptop” hinge, you can convert a folding tablet into a laptop. For the first time, Samsung is integrating sub-display selfies into laptop displays. But soon it will be She had a selfie to display Even in the drawn puzzle Galaxy z fold 3.

Source: Samsung display

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