Fortnite acquires a new ‘performance mode’ for low-end computers

Fortnite acquires a new 'performance mode' for low-end computers

Fornite Already on almost every platform you can imagine (except iOS). But only because the computer can run Fornite That doesn’t mean he runs the game Good. Fortunately, Epic Games is trying to fix what is called a new feature Performance modeIs, that helps computers that only run minimal game specifications Fornite A little better.

Performance mode will prioritize frame rate and stability by sacrificing visual quality. According to Epic, this mode will also put significantly less stress on the computer’s CPU and GPU, which will also help to make things a little easier. Players with lower-end specs will be asked the option to enter performance mode when they start the game after the launch of the mode.

With Performance Mode, Epic Players is adding another quality feature by choosing to download ForniteHigh resolution texture of. Players can disable textures via Epic Launcher Fornite Options page and it saves about 14 GB of storage space on most computers.

Performance mode will be live Fornite On December 15 and it will be available to all players – however, specs should not come in specs with spec computers and newer, more powerful hardware.

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