Free office options to install on your PC or Mac

Free office options to install on your PC or Mac

When we talk about office automation, the name of Microsoft Office. There are also pages, numbers, and keynotes for Apple device users. And today many people use Google Drive, including Online and free office automation tools. Therefore, the online office is free to use so as not to be forgotten.

But if you need to deal with documents, sheets or presentations on your computer, you may prefer Set up a good office suite With which to work without connecting to the Internet. They will help you open already created documents and create others from scratch. And the best thing is that they are Alternatives to free an office And available for Windows, mac y linux.

Libre office

Possibly, Libre office It is the best known option for the office. Today it offers the whole Classification of applications and equipment To create all types of files and documents, beyond Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Apart from being compatible with these formats, it also has its own.

Along with word processors, spreadsheets and presentations, it also serves to deal with diagrams, databases, formulas and graphs. And, of course, it allows you to use Templates And provides improvements by installing Extension.

As a curiosity, Libre office Is a free software project that was generated when the project was separated from open Office, Which in turn, emerged as a free project from the proprietary office suite Staroffice.


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