Free VoLTE launch at the end of October

Free VoLTE launch at the end of October
Free VoLTE launch at the end of October

After Orange, SFR and BoyGuys, Free will finally launch VoLTE for its free mobile subscribers. Its national deployment is ready.

The operator’s Arlesion will soon be no more. Currently in internal testing on Free Mobile, VoLTE is in the starting block. “We are planning a launch in late October,” Free CEO Thomas Renaud told us at the operator’s annual conference this morning.

First announced after the launch of 4G roaming in May 2019, VolTE was supposed to be offered to customers at the launch of 5G last December. The pandemic and “additional adjustments” have prompted operators to review their schedules. “It’s an absolute priority,” says Thomas Renaud. This time will be good for free mobile subscribers.

What exactly is VoLTE?

By avoiding having to switch between 2G or 3G networks during a call, VoLTE allows the user to achieve quality, speed and ease of use. This technology allows simultaneous use of voice and data services in 4G. As a result, it’s possible to download files or even view your emails via 4G while on a call. Another advantage is that the call setup time is 3 times faster (plus the failure rate is significantly lower). The sound quality has also improved thanks to the high definition sound.

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