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The smartphone may start to slow down if you do not update it for a long time and do not delete unnecessary files. about this Inform

According to itel expert Svetlana Murieva, you can use both built-in and external applications to clean your smartphone from system junk and unnecessary files. “They allow you to clear the cache in one click, unload the system from background processes and get rid of unnecessary files,” the expert said.

It is also necessary to disable autorun of some optional applications that run in the background and slow down the performance of the device. One of the ways that helped speed up the smartphone, Murieva called for cleaning the device’s memory from old files: “It is better to keep several gigabytes of memory free so that applications work and can be updated without fail. “

Finally, the expert noted that it is extremely important to regularly update the device software. To speed up the work, you can sometimes resort to resetting the device to factory settings. “This function will completely clear the memory of the device. This method is usually used when a smartphone is transferred to another owner, ”emphasized Svetlana Mureyeva.

Svetlana Murieva in mid-December saidThat overnight charging does not harm the battery of the smartphone. However, this process could theoretically be dangerous if non-original charging accessories are used.

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