Google flirts with online newspapers “in exchange for sponsorship” to publish content through search engines

جوجل تغازل الصحف الإلكترونية بـ"مقابل رعاية" لنشر المحتوى عبر محرك البحث

Google, a well-known search engine giant, is trying to streamline its relationship with newspapers and news websites, following a series of allegations of monopoly practices and publishing news content on search engines for free.

In an effort to resolve this crisis, Google “News show case“Where the major search engine pays to sponsor news content from publishers who are beginning to operate in the United Kingdom.

Google’s new support program, which currently covers 120 publications and Argentina, is subscribed to 40 publications. The service has been activated in Germany, Brazil and Australia and now includes content from over 450 publishers worldwide.

“The Verge” newspaper said in a report on Thursday that publications in the United Kingdom include Reuters, Financial Tables, The Telegraph and The Independent, while Argentine publications includeClarityوThe nationوProfile. He said that the government has taken several steps to prevent such incidents.

One of the most frequently asked questions from Google indicates that publishers are paid a monthly fee to organize news stories for the service, in addition to accessing unpaid content restrictions.

It was launched last weekGoogle News ShowcaseIn Australia, a country where the company is currently operating a line with more lawmakers than the new rules may force it to pay news publishers for its content.

Google recently threatened to withdraw its search engine, while Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he had “constructive” talks with the company’s CEO.GoogleSundar Pichai about the new rules.

In the same vein, the Facebook administration is adopting a similar news initiative, which involves paying publishers to license their content in the form of news tabs, a part of the service that includes a mix of curated and personalized news stories Is included.

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Following its introduction in the US, the brand recently arrived in the UK and the service includes paying license content to specific publishers, including some content that is typically an unpaid subscription blocking system.

Google says it’s ready for this tooNews showcaseIn France, Canada and Japan.


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