Google Maps 3D: Realistic Display is Coming – You Can Already Use It With Google Earth


A few days ago we gave you the future google maps 3d Presented, which has already been teased by Google and is intended to link all available image content. Such even more realistic representations of Earth have of course been met with great interest, but Google users really don’t need to wait for that. With Google Earth, this is already quite possible and can even be easily used in the browser.

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The future Google Maps 3D should offer satellite images, Street View recordings, and a link to users’ images, which is what Google did long ago provided in promising, but not activated yet. But we don’t need to wait for that, because Google Earth has been offering exactly that for years — both on desktop and in the browser. The product is celebrating its 20th birthday this year and has been available under the “Google Earth” brand name for over 15 years.

Most users are probably (still) familiar with Google Earth, which has generated enormous excitement since 2006 and gave the vast majority of users the opportunity to discover the world from above for the first time – even before satellite view was introduced in Google Maps. Over the years, the tool has been continuously improved, is equipped with multiple data sources and is now mainly used for training purposes, in organizations or in the media. Most users are more likely to use Google Maps instead.

with Google Earth You can see the whole Earth from above, rotate, pan, and of course zoom in by a few meters – as you know it from Google Maps. Google Earth relies mainly on the power of images and less on local information, such as can be found in Google Maps. But there are also great effects that are reminiscent of Google Maps 3D.

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Just find any big city or heavily populated area and zoom in with Google Earth. In most cases you will see thousands and thousands of 3D buildings that To a large extent Created by algorithm based on available images. The quality is absolutely impressive. The video above includes actual recordings and shows the level of detail that has now been achieved. You can fly over any city in 3D – but that’s not all.

3D buildings are placed on satellite images. If you zoom in even further, Google Earth will switch to Street View with a nice animation. In most cases, both the height and the perspective remain the same, so as to speak of a smooth transition as far as possible. This is a very nice combination of the three available image layers. Google Maps 3D will likely add user photos, but no details on that yet.

Google Earth could do a lot more, but it will take a lot further here. But as part of the 3D excitement, I want to remind you of the tools here in the blog. You can use the app in both the browser and the desktop app.

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