Google Maps allows users to pay for parking and subways

خرائط جوجل تتيح للمستخدمين الدفع مقابل انتظار السيارات ومترو الأنفاق

Google Maps users can now pay for parking directly on the app in hundreds of cities around the world, as Google has introduced mobile payment services to allow drivers to locate locations and pay for it using Google Pay. Has partnered with the pair, and travelers can also pay metro and public transport fees in more than 80 cities directly on the app when they search for public transport guidelines.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, cities that have digital readers, you can click on the application and browse the turnstiles, where the company said features are first presented on Android phones, and iPhone devices. Will follow soon

In addition, to integrate the new parking facility, Google has partnered with two mobile payment services for parking, Passport and Parkmobile.

The user presses the “For Pay Parking” button from driving in Google Maps to use the feature, and is then transferred directly to the Google Pay application, where it can find its license plate, meter number, or parking area number and amount K enters the time he wants to use the place.

A credit or debit card associated with the user’s Google Pay account is also charged.

Parkmobile CEO John Ziegler said, “People are constantly switching between navigation and parking apps. This new feature allows users to navigate to their destination and then pay for parking in a seamless experience.”

Google was already experimenting with paying parking fees as it partnered with Passport in Austin, Texas, last fall, but the service is now available in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, DC, Boston, Cincinnati, and Usage. Including more than 400 cities. Houston

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People who depend on public transport in dozens of cities will soon be able to use Google Maps to add money or time to their metro card.

In today’s post Google Maps Product Manager Vishal Dutta said, “You will be able to plan your trip and start riding without switching between multiple applications.”

Datta said that through mass transit networks that include digital readers, such as the BART system in San Francisco, users can buy traffic passes directly from Google Maps, then tap their phone on the reader or the conductor Can show.


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