Google Network Planner, a service for network planning

Google Network Planner, a service for network planning

Google Network Planner, network planning tool

The purpose of Google Network Planner is to provide users with a service where they can Plan network scope. For example, a company that has a large area and wants to calculate the wireless coverage that it will have. Also to be able to do an installation in a large park.

At the moment it Beta A Google product that will undoubtedly make the task easier for those who have to deploy a wireless network anywhere. This allows users to predict network coverage in a scale and accurate manner.

Among its functions it offers the possibility to see Wireless signal coverage For any network that is created or imported with this device. See also a terrain profile with trees or buildings that extend to selected terrains.

This would allow anyone who intends to build a network to offer a service to find Best place For those devices. We will be able to visualize a heat map, to find out which areas will have better coverage, in which connectivity may be more limited, and also which areas may have dead zones.

How to use Google Network Planner

For now, as we mentioned, this is a Limited beta version. However, users who want to sign up between the first to try this tool. To do this you need to have access official websiteClick on the prompt request and then fill the relevant data.

We have to fill the information with our name, surname, e-mail address, the company to which it belongs, etc. This way we sign up for the beta version to be able to test it when it becomes available.

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When we can access the account Start a new project Or open an existing one. We can do this through the central panel, with its various options. There we can control everything easily.

Map controls

Google Network Planner is basically a heat map, Where we can see the different regions and their connectivity. We can control this map from our computer. We can see different layers, visualize street levels, buildings, zoom out or zoom in, etc.

In this map we can mark the various antennas we are going to keep, as well as height and power. The tool itself, the analysis of the terrain, the height of the buildings, the surrounding trees … It calculates the availability. This is very useful for LTE antennas, for example.

If we place different antennas of a city at different points on the map, then High coverage areas, People with more problems or no connection. This will help us to choose the most optimal location at all times.

You can watch an explanatory video on how the Google Network Planner works:

Google network planner, Or Google Network Planner, provides an accurate, fast and easy plan to use from the browser itself. It is fully integrated with all the geospatial data that the company has and runs various advanced models on the Google Cloud. It is powerful enough to optimize the most complex networks.

Why is it important to optimize the network

It is very important to have a properly customized network, whether we are private users and want to connect only at home as well as for companies and large locations where they will provide connectivity to their customers and large number of people.

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It is necessary to adapt so that all users can connect correctly, a. Good quality, That the speed is sufficient and there are certainly no unwanted cuts.

For this we can use various tools that allow us to create access points. We can also promote the signal and reach other areas. But for this to be done properly, so that while offering connectivity there is no problem, we can keep in mind the use of tools like Google Network Planner.


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