Google ordered to shut down the most famous music bot


The Discord tool, whose main function was to add tunes to chat rooms, will be phased out at Google’s order.

The US company apparently disagreed with the bot just as much, with a company spokesperson telling The Verge that Groovy violated the bot’s terms of service. youtube To “modify the Service and use it for commercial purposes”.

In the same report, Groovy creator Nick Ammerlan (who created the bot because “my friend’s bot sucked and I thought I could make a better one”) admitted that it was probably going on too long. Groovy bypasses YouTube’s front-end and advertising completely.

How does this Discord bot work?

Groovy is defined as the fastest way to replace your Discord server in one big step. “Whether you’re a rising artist, a superstar, or a fan of DJs – sharing music through Discord has never been easier,” notes the bot on its website.

Groovy’s finale feels like a clear reminder that Discord is not a silent, underground chat client. Valued at over $10 billion, it’s probably the biggest messaging app in the world, having long distanced itself from its gaming brand.

“I’m not sure why they decided to send this [un cese y desistimiento] Now, ”Amerlan said. “They probably didn’t know, to be honest. Just had to see when that would happen.”

It is still unknown whether other bots with similar functions, such as Rhythm and Octave, will also see a similar future to Groovy, or if Google will refrain from sending them shutdown and discard orders for the time being.


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