GTA 6 fans are not happy with the latest Grand Theft Auto Toe news

GTA 6 fans are not happy with the latest Grand Theft Auto Toe news

GTA6 Fans are not happy with the latest Grand Theft Auto News. In fact, GTA Fans are so unhappy with Rockstar Games GTA6 Twitter was trending the most today. But how did we get here? Well, it started with a report earlier this week Grand Theft Auto Tony The upcoming and “biggest ever” update is not only adding a new hero, but expanding the game map for the first time. As you would expect, this got done Grand Theft Auto Fans talk. And of course, there was a lot of hype around this report, but also the frustration of fans eager to see Rockstar games go ahead GTA6.

Fast forward this morning, and Rockstar Games confirmed the report by releasing the official teaser for the above update, which revealed a new island location. And while this can be a teaser GTA6 Still, it wasn’t enough to calm fans who took to Mass on Twitter to voice their frustration GTA .Online Still getting another significant update while no word yet GTA6. Naturally, because of this “GTA6“The trend on Twitter.

Like GTA6 Started trending on Twitter, Grand Theft Auto Waking fans saw this, and clicked on it, thinking Rockstar Games finally announced or announced the PS5 and Xbox Series X game. It was only when these fans clicked on the trend that it was worth watching GTA .Online, Then they complained, which caused the trend to increase and this cycle continued for hours.

In short, while many Grand Theft Auto Fans have been in the hype train before this major new one GTA .Online Update, not many happy.

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Is it time to move on to GTA 5?


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This Better Beast Last Time

With a giant GTA .Online Update imminent, it’s safe to assume we won’t hear about it GTA6 In the near future. That said, to get the latest rumors and “leaks” about the game, click here.



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