Heat pumps in old buildings: Homeowners have to pay attention to this

Heat pumps in old buildings: Homeowners have to pay attention to this

Because gas is becoming more and more expensive, homeowners are increasingly looking for alternatives such as heat pumps. Energy consultant Christine Morgan clarifies whether it is also suitable for older buildings. Sometimes it is not a new heating system, as other measures also help to save energy.

Heat pumps in old buildings: is it worth it?

In time Massive rising energy prices Both tenants and property owners are wondering how to keep costs down. In Germany, heat pumps are said to be an important element to avoid gas. especially in new buildings they are attractive, yeah Older home owners can also take advantage of these, Energy consultant Christine Morgan has now detailed how it works (source: saarbrucker newspaper,

According to Morgan, all common heating systems have advantages and disadvantages that have to be weighed individually in each case. Heat pumps are not equally suitable for all homes. right now in dilapidated old buildings With high energy requirement, use is not recommended.

To be able to better assess the specific situation in your home, Energy Consultant recommends a Building Checks with Experts, These can answer important questions and show how renovation, insulation and heating systems are doing. In this way the determination of energy requirement can also be clarified better.

Hybrid heating to help with winter

Heat pumps consume the most electricity in winter, with an existing photovoltaic system In winter, only 15 to 20 percent of the demand can be met by solar energy. Hybrid heaters can be recommended to complement each other. A heat pump can be combined with gas heating or a water-based pellet stove.

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One of the houses built in Germany after 1995 Thermal insulation stone in exterior masonry, Additional insulation is hardly necessary here in many cases. The situation is different in older homes, where significantly more energy can be saved through facade insulation.

Of replacement of windows Can be useful even if relatively expensive. It may be worthwhile to re-adjust or use new seals as a first step. The insulation of basement and storey ceilings is even better, according to Morgan. Insulation is especially worthwhile on the top floor, as heat builds up and can therefore be better kept in the home.

In addition, consumers should think about not only insulation and energy consumption, but for their behavior, Even in a well-insulated home, energy can hardly be saved if you still want to walk around in a T-shirt in winter.

Electricity can also be generated on the balcony, as shown in our video:

Expert: Take a holistic approach to the issue of energy

According to Energy Advisor, homeowners often only take individual measures without considering the energy issue. a Right Rehabilitation Roadmap Can clearly show individual steps to gradually transform a property into a home with real efficiency. With 80 percent funding from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control, the cost of the renovation program can be reduced significantly.


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