Hope she is alive: Anna of Smedrevo is wanted for 17 days!

Hope she is alive: Anna of Smedrevo is wanted for 17 days!

For 17 days, the family and friends of Samedrevo’s Anna Stojkovic (44) have been living in uncertainty, as they do not know anything about her for two and a half weeks. Anna disappeared on the night of 1 to 2 November. Stojkovic then left the house in the car without a mobile phone and documents, and his vehicle was found near the Covin Bridge at around 2 a.m.

Anna’s car was found by a man calling the police, who said he heard someone calling for help.

According to the media, the police is still searching for the missing woman and so far no one has contacted the family that they saw Anna.

Just before she disappears, as her daughter Nataliza said earlier, Anna complains about what we all complain about – how there is too much work, how bad people have become…

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– He even made fun of the problems. When we broke up, she asked me to see her tomorrow and she would bring me cookies – Nataliza said.

Her mother, the owner of a flower shop in Samaderevo, left written traces before her disappearance, which were found not in a mobile phone that she had taken with her when she disappeared, but also in a notebook in which he had written it. Thoughts, desires and feelings.

There, she said that she was to be cremated when she died, plus she was sad, and the day before her disappearance, she said that she was ill and would kill herself.

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However, Anna’s family members live in the hope that she is alive and that her body has not been found after all these days, they see this as a good sign.

If you have any information about him call the nearest police station or his daughter Natalija Ivanovich phone number 060 / 0448-955.


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