“How could Apple remove such a basic feature from a $2,000 phone in 2021?”

Noise-canceling phone calls have been supported for a long time in iPhone smartphones. This feature reduces ambient noise for clearer voice during calls. However, the feature was not available for iPhone 13 users, who continue to wait for Apple to fix the problem.

On December 24, 2021, Reddit user throwawaywll999 brought up this important topic: “Why is everyone silent about the lack of noise cancellation on calls on the iPhone 13? The iPhone 12 and up range has a front mic that is used for noise cancellation. This setting can be found under Accessibility -> Audio/Video. iPhone 13 doesn’t have this. No noise cancellation. If you are on the road or on a noisy bus, the person you are calling will not understand anything. FaceTime has a new noise cancellation feature called Voice Isolation. But it cannot be used for cellular calls. How can Apple remove such a basic feature from $2K phones in 2021?,

The issue was discussed on an Apple forum in October, where user rpwils2 wrote: “I can’t find a switch to turn off the noise cancellation feature on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Have it moved or removed Is it gone? When I use FaceTime and speak through the speaker, my voice cuts out.”

An Apple community expert responded that it needs to turn on “noise cancellation” on its iPhone and added a note to help users adjust the sound settings on their iPhone. However, the problem is that iPhone 13 users cannot find this particular feature in the Settings menu.

iPhone 13 since iOS 15 never had this option because it’s a software glitch. I spoke to Apple Support about this. This is a known issue they are working on and there is no timeline for fixing it at this time. This issue also causes echo issues when using CarPlay. This is a serious flaw that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.


Two months and even after the release of the iOS 15.2 update, the problem remains unresolved. And apparently the iOS 15.3 beta doesn’t fix the problem.

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