How many times a day do you charge your smartphone?

How many times a day do you charge your smartphone?

How often do you charge your smartphone? Are you one of those privileged little ones who only go through it once every couple of days, or do you feel like you spend your life tied to a USB cable?

Oppo Find X3 Pro and its fast charge

Oppo Find X3 Pro Fast Charging via USB-C // Source: Android

It’s ok to charge your phone once a day…twice is starting to do! autonomy of Smartphones From person to person, what may or may not be the central theme in the choice of your instrument.

This will largely depend on your job, for example, whether you are in an office or are out all day. Travel time to and from work, if spent in transport, can obviously weigh heavily in the balance.

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In recent years, we should also take into account the fact that more and more brands offer fast, even ultra-fast charging. And we have to admit, there are few more tempting experiences than watching a phone battery go from 0 to 100% in less than 10 minutes.

In addition, we are seeing this more and more when rating the autonomy of smartphones, with charging speed becoming a criterion that we have increasingly taken into account for a few months frendroid,

A more difficult element for us to note is undoubtedly the life of a hoarder. In fact, we usually have phones for one to three weeks so that we can give our opinion on them. That’s why it’s hard to know whether to go through a recharging box often after a year or two of use. Indeed, who has never had a slightly tired smartphone that had to be charged several times a day to find something better?

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How many times a day do you charge your smartphone?

For all these reasons, we would like to know your charging experience in early 2022. How many times per day do you have to plug the USB cable or Lightning port into your phone? Tell us in our survey of the week.

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