How their $400 or less smartphones compare

How their $400 or less smartphones compare

The most recent top of the line smartphone release from Samsung has an opening list price of $1,300 and most reviews, mine included, could be summed up in a few words. Great phone, but so expensive? Now, during a pandemic, when millions have been thrown out of work?

This really comes to home when you consider that there are three fantastic smartphones out now for $400 or less: The Samsung Galaxy A71 and Apple iPhone SE will cost you $399, while the Google Pixel 4A is just $350. 

And they are clearly the best bargain-priced phones I’ve ever seen. Unless you need the latest camera technology with multiple lenses, there is no reason for most consumers to spend more on a phone. You won’t be missing out.

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From left to right: Samsung's Galaxy A71, Google Pixel 4A and Apple iPhone SE

All are worth your attention if you’re looking for a replacement phone, or a new model for the kids. Meanwhile, new phones are scheduled to be released in a few weeks from Google (a new Pixel) and Apple (several models of iPhones) and are expected to cost way more than $400. So how do the budget phones compare?

Samsung Galaxy A71

The biggest of the phones is a $399 bargain, with a beautiful 6.5-inch screen the size of the $1,099 iPhone Pro Max, and even larger than the $999 6.2-inch Samsung Galaxy S20. . You get a second lens with the camera, which the rivals don’t have. And while that’s a plus, Samsung tends to over-saturate your photos, so if that’s a problem, and you want to remain in the Android family, you’ll want to look at the Pixel 4A. Both the A71 and the Pixel 4A have the same Qualcomm SnapDragon 730G processor.

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