How to clear my negative credit bureau record?

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fintech an opportunity to clean Record your negative credit bureau, and stop having problems making requests We will give We tell you how to do it.

Fintech companies, known as fintechs, offer their clients the possibility to “eliminate” the negative histories of their clients. Especially for those who are not able to pay their bank loan and there is a red light while availing the loan. For this reason, these companies request your access to view your financial dealings and find out if you have problems with certain banks and have them help you resolve them.

For example, some of these fintech They aren’t based on the history you see with your credit bureaus, but they decide whether to grant you a loan based on the transactional habits of the person making the request. Know if you pay on time, what types of payments you make, among other points, over a given period. For many of them, a stain on your record may not be so relevant, as they know that there are a number of reasons that can lead to this behavior. Instead, they study how you make payments and whether you can finance the loan in the long or medium term.

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Therefore, to request that you have access to credit And we pay even if you have a negative history, you should contact a fintech to help you analyze your income and expenses. According to this, the decision will be made on whether the customer can pay or not, and may even create a kind of “clean slate” at the credit bureaus. To make it accessible to other financial companies to allow you to receive credit regardless of your position in this institution above.

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Obviously, all this information is under your consent and control. Fintech companies cannot access your accounts, make changes or review your transactions without your authorization as and when you need it. In fact, fintech They are obliged to report all this information to the client at least once a month.

From cleaning up your credit history, your credit report credit bureau He will go from that moment on; That’s why it is very important that you keep track of your payments and be aware of your history. Well, there are not many possibilities to do this restoration, and if not, it will be even more difficult to achieve.


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