If you connect to that WiFi… the iPhone works!

If you connect to that WiFi... the iPhone works!

Internet Desk: Recently there has been a new problem for iPhone users. The iOS bug is troublesome when connecting to a WiFi network with a specific name. Security researchers have found that trying to connect to WiFi with special characters can cause the iPhone to freeze. As part of research, he named Personal WiFi Hotspot as a special character. Tried connecting that hotspot to the iPhone. However, they found that the iPhone was not connected. Also completely disabling WiFi connectivity. Also unable to connect to other hotspot. The same problem arises when replacing the Hotspot SSD or rebooting the iPhone.

how to solve it?

Testing whether the iPhone or Android phone is facing the same problem, it turned out that there is no problem with the Android smartphone. Android users are connecting to hotspot with unusual name without any problem. Which means it’s also going to be the most confusing time of the year. Experts also say that there is a solution to the problem. He added that resetting the iOS network settings would solve the problem.

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