If you decide to get rid of your device or sell it.. you should follow these steps

If you decide to get rid of your device or sell it.. you should follow these steps

Windows 11 comes with a built-in option to perform a factory reset, thus returning the device to its original state.

Through this process, you can delete all the content and settings of the device, which helps you decide whether to sell it or get rid of it.

This process does not require many steps or experience with computers, as the steps are very clear.

Factory reset steps in Windows 11

You can do a factory reset by following these steps:

Go to the Start Menu and then select the Settings app, or press the Windows icon and the letter i.

After that, go to System Settings selection from the left menu of the screen and then choose Recovery option from the right menu.

Then click the option to restore the device to its original state through the new menu that appears, and wait until the device restarts itself.

After that, when the blue screen appears when the device boots up, you will see two options, and through the first option, you can simply factory reset the system without deleting any applications or settings.

You can click the second option to remove all files, applications and settings, and we recommend this option if you are looking to sell your device.

Then another screen asks you how to restore the system you want, and you can choose any method you like.

Protect your data when selling a device

While this method removes all data, files and settings from Windows 11, it is not enough if you are thinking of selling your device.

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Through a bunch of advanced and paid apps, you can recover a lot of deleted data through this method or the other.

That’s why it’s always better to remove the hard drive and install a new one instead of storing your personal files, especially if it’s important or sensitive files that you don’t want anyone to access.

You can format the hard drive three times in a row to ensure that the files are completely deleted and that no one can recover them.


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