IG. Introduced for Messenger API

เปิดตัว Messenger API สำหรับไอจี

Facebook launches Messenger API for Instagram for developers and businesses to enable brands can provide a seamless chat experience on Instagram.

Team Messenger from Facebook discovered at work F8 Developer Conference which is the annual developer conference of Facebook That Messenger API For instagram It will be available to developers and businesses alike. Can provide a seamless chat experience to build a brand instagram

This global launch is a result of the success of the trial period that began in October last year. By allowing certain project participants to use the tool to turn on the messaging system instagram To help them integrate or create more meaningful interactions with existing work processes as needed. This can be further developed as an increase in customer satisfaction and sales.

This shows the importance of the release instagram is growing, which is not only in terms of being a cultural and social connection point. This is also where people use to find and engage with brands. Today, 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand. Messaging on the platform is important to the customer and the brand alike. Whether it is replying through stories, directly sending messages to each other. or mention

Team Messenger Believe API This new approach creates a real connection between the customer and the brand. Keep more intimacy Large proportions that will lead to further business success This is evident from the fact that 30 developers and 700 brands participated in the Messenger API trial period. As can be seen from the fact that some businesses lead API This new integration into their system does three things:

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1. Manage all communications in one place.

API This allows developers to integrate the messaging that business owners use on both instagram and Facebook Come to a single platform makes it easy for business owners to manage their interactions with customers across multiple channels.

2. Can use existing tools or systems

Messenger API For instagram It is compatible with tools that business owners have already invested in. Whether it’s a CRM system or an ordering system to make sure you take advantage of what you already have and to effectively create personalized conversations to create added value.

3. Provide Better Customer Experience

Messenger API For instagram It allows business owners to communicate with their customers quickly. Brand Love to Help Build More Personal Confidence This API enables Sephora to enhance its ability to quickly respond to customer conversations through conversations. Answer customers’ questions more efficiently. The average interaction rate for solving customer issues on Instagram has dropped by 15%.

Sande Bushotts, Global Communications Specialist at H&M, talks about API However, this has helped in increasing their business. “We are delighted to be the first brand to bring delight Messenger API For instagram To help strengthen customer service through the messaging channel of instagram after we bring API It has been integrated into our working system. It was able to increase efficiency by 31 percent and increase customer satisfaction scores by 9.45 points.

All developers will have access Messenger API For instagram To be able to expand on the platform which will gradually begin to open to business accounts instagram before this

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