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Illegale bitcoin (BTC) mining operatie ontdekt op deze bizarre plek in Polen!

bitcoin (btc) Cryptocurrency mining has become more and more popular in recent years. And where there is money to be made, there are always some opportunists who want to get their share. A very strange story has now come to light in Poland. On the other hand, a miner was caught doing crypto mining with stolen electricity at the police headquarters…!

Gazeta Wyborccza came up with one today item About this strange story. An IT specialist is said to have mined crypto with power and equipment from the police at the headquarters in Warsaw. In addition to the free energy, the miner would also have benefited from a good internet connection at the desk.

The specialist was soon apprehended and immediately thrown out. A police spokesman said in a response:

“The device he used was not linked to any police database, and the case involved massive power theft,”

It is not clear how many bitcoins or crypto the miners managed to mine. However, it is clear that steel balls are involved. Illegal crypto mining operations are fairly common, but have probably never happened before at Police Headquarters!

Recently, police in Malaysia Another Waltz to Destroy Millions of Dollars Worth of Crypto Miners. These miners were confiscated as part of an illegal operation that also involved theft of electricity.

It happens occasionally in Russia as well. Miners still steel in 2020 $6.6 million in electricity To mine bitcoins for free.


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