IMessage’s ‘divine’ feature makes texting more happy

IMessage's 'divine' feature makes texting more happy

Every smartphone user has probably felt uncomfortable writing or texting an email on their phone, realizing that they misunderstood a word and then putting the cursor in the correct position was very difficult. . Many people also accept to delete the wrong word and retype it instead of correcting it.

Use the trackpad feature on the iPhone keyboard for more efficient editing. Photo: PhoneArena

One thing iPhone users may not know is the fact that the iPhone has a very simple way to move the cursor across the editing screen: using the space as a trackpad.

Here’s how to use the iPhone keyboard as a trackpad

Will tell you some tips to improve texting on iPhone, no one knows who will regret Photo 2
This feature is only available from iOS 12. Photo: Anandtech

This method works with all editing screens in the iPhone, as long as you are using the default Apple keyboard. It should also be noted that the trick is only available on iPhones running iOS 12 and above.

1. Type the character in any editing screen. You can use the Notes app, the search bar, the message creation screen, or, in general, any place where you can enter text.

2. Press and hold the space button. At this point, all other keys will disappear and turn gray.

3. Swipe your hand on the spacebar and the cursor will move in the same way as you place it on the laptop trackpad.

Some tips to improve texting on iPhone will tell you, no one knows who will regret Photo 3
Photo: BI

4. When your child returns to the place you want, release your finger from the spacebar and continue typing

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