Incredible – How many days do you have to work in Turkey to buy a new iPhone?

Incredible - How many days do you have to work in Turkey to buy a new iPhone?

model iPhone 13 that Apple announced last week were discussed in particular for their prices because they weren’t as high as expected, writes Turkish website IndiGodargisi.

unreachable dream

But even then, in Turkey, because of the dollar exchange rate and taxes, getting these phones seems like an elusive dream, he says, according to Tourkikenia.

99 15,999 13 How hard will you have to work to buy iPhone 13 Pro?

According to Picodi’s research titled “iPhone Index”, it takes 92.5 days to buy an iPhone 13 Pro with 128GB of storage in Turkey, notes the Turkish website (Greece is well below that, as shown in the table below) , with 25.1 days).

on the basis of average salary

Picodi, which takes into account average salaries, states that Turkey ranks last among the countries it surveyed, according to

If you ask what Turkey is up to, we can say that our closest competitor is the Philippines, where you can keep the iPhone 13 Pro working for 90.2 days, says IndiGodargisi.

“When we look at the other countries in Picodi’s research, we see that the situation in some of them, which we almost forgot, is better than in Turkey,” the report said.

According to the research team, the country where you have to work less hard to buy a smartphone worth 15,999 Turkish pounds is Switzerland. As a result, a consumer in Switzerland can have an iPhone 13 Pro working for up to 4.4 days.

Here are the 10 easiest countries to buy the iPhone 13 Pro:

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Switzerland: 4.4 days
USA: 5.9 days
Australia: 6.4 days
Luxembourg: 6.4 days
Denmark: 6.9 days
Norway: 7.2 days
Singapore: 7.6 days
Canada: 8 days
New Zealand: 8.4 days
United Arab Emirates: 8.8 days

The 10 countries where the iPhone 13 Pro is the most difficult to buy:

Turkey: 92.5 days
Philippines: 90.2 days
Brazil: 79.2 days
India: 75.7 days
Mexico: 49.3 days
Montenegro: 46.7 days
Thailand: 43 days
Russia: 42.1 days
Hungary: 31.3 days
Malaysia: 30.3 days

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