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In recent years, Telekom has always tried to create exclusive content for Telecom Vivisita. In years past, all runners were surprised by a personal video starring the runners themselves, and this year they celebrated with a live broadcast that the running community could compete together again.

Ten Hungarian celebrities took the lead in handing out a smartphone during the Converging Show so they could be part of a production that was no small technical challenge or innovation on the telecom side’s side, but like the runners, 5G technology was in the mud.

Converging show contestants also had to broadcast their runs using a phone called a gimbal, so there was certainly a challenge not only to entertain a kilometer and spectators, but also the 30-degree, sultry heat of July, which luckily Didn’t become a severe storm, only a minor shower halfway.

While the stars struggled to keep up and keep pace with the other runners, it was no easy task for them; They had to talk all the way through, but even the rarely athletic Mark Lakatos and Pimaszor fared better and enjoyed the adrenaline provided by the competition!

Patti Puskas, accompanied by a good presenter, convenes the Converging Show from the stage, where Fords Zee starts the crowded field with a horn, then joins the other runners and takes the water for a thousand off Margaret’s Island. meters next to the tower. Zé grabbed the stomach and then continued running while handling the baton. After overcoming Arpad Bridges on the way, Petty begins to flirt with the guitarist accompanying him along the way, explaining Benny Bunky’s very inspiring ideas.

(You can watch the full broadcast in the video above, but if you’re curious about just one star, you can easily find your favorite runner by clicking the appropriate part of the status bar.)

Patricia Kovacs joined the show, picked up the phone, and then talked about the fact that although she had vocal cystitis, nothing could stop her on her kilometer, which she did not only for the show, but as a Done for good reason. . A sweetheart! As the Foundation’s ambassador, she helped people with disabilities go to such events and experience the joy of movement and solidarity. According to the actress, our world is much better if we can share these joys and experience them together. Jolie Fenvesey came with her in a wheelchair, and she didn’t even get challenged. Of course, for those who run the biggest marathons in the world, New York and Berlin, this little extra doesn’t keep the world in over their heads. Not like broadcast, which showed us the competition from a specific point of view.

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After the airing is restored, the husband gets rid of his magenta T-shirt to show us Suhaanz! The foundation also produced the light blue jersey, and then gave the mobile phone to comedian Peter Alec, who colored the broadcast with his own surreal running experiences. As he said, Telecom Vivisita is a wonderful phenomenon where one can collect words of praise from the field by walking in running luggage and sipping water.

The fourth runner-up was actor Miklós H. Vesse, who performed a short excerpt from Nemesek’s song and then reflected on what he had in common in running and acting. One of the most classic running literature, Murakami Haruki What I Talked About When I Talk About Running, also definitely came out. The point is moving, and the usual moment of role learning, stalemate when things take place. For Miklós, the role “becomes” catharsis, when for a few moments or minutes he can fully identify with the role.

Ze Förds, who ran the full 10-kilometer distance, waited for the relay and acknowledged his relay partner’s walk, and then found out what he was eating before training or racing. With the help of the beautiful hostess girls, she made sure the upgrades are up to date for her runners in the field. By the time they reached the sixth kilometer, where the Sicilian Tatars were waiting for them, the bananas were well sold.

The presenter’s surprise was that as a mother, she arrived by pushing an empty stroller in front of her. As he said, as a parent, he considers it very important that everyone respects children’s privacy rights and does not share content on social media interfaces that may later be unpleasant for children. The mission and slogan of the Hintloven Foundation: “If I grew up, what would I be? Myself!”

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Next in line was Mark Lakatos, who, of course, improvised a fashion show while running with the help of model girls. The biggest challenge for Sparkler was not only the unusual form of movement, running, but also the heat, and above all, sustained speech. He was just getting ready for the heat – with a fan – and almost caught the speech. But he heroically persevered, presenting the Nubu Collection, which designed the Tokyo Olympic uniforms of the Hungarian Olympic team, as well as a collection composed of couture-style patchwork and recycled used sportswear.

The eighth runner, Fansikai’s “I Don’t Want to Speak Up”, was crowned by Mark at the start of his run, giving him an extra adrenaline rush to climb Margaret Bridge.

Popular running coach, Dori Debrezeny, nearly fell off the airport for this run. Although he only got to run once in the sweltering heat, he tried to prepare for his performance at the cool gym in Budapest—of course, that didn’t tickle him either, especially since it helps smarten his performance. Dori tips for beginners are especially useful, worth listening to.

Meanwhile, a magenta runner appeared next to the lanyard, which, if they had watched the broadcast, would have recognized by sending an SMS to a pre-specified number in the game of telcos, the Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G smartphone could be the luckiest.

Gerg Papp Pimaszúr accepted Dory’s advice. He excelled as a sprinter, once earning a diploma for his performance. It is another matter that he, incomprehensible to his name at the time, suffocates on the target, so he appears as Gergo Bab in his first and so far last commendation certificate. Of course, the task was more serious to move towards the target at the previously agreed pace, pulse, and then turn to the finish line to bring the last runner and run through the finish line in real ecstasy. Attila Peter Swept.

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The converting show ended with a happy ending, all team members met the mileage and the challenge, and the broadcast was live and audible throughout the recording, without interruptions, in pleasant quality for 5G coverage, with the right devices and required monthly Thank you subscription. The test was a huge success, and anyone with the appropriate equipment and subscription can try it out on Telekom Vivicitta.

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