iPhone 13: Here’s what’s known so far about the new Apple flagship – Monitorul de Galati

iPhone 13: Here's what's known so far about the new Apple flagship - Monitorul de Galati

The popularity of the iPhone 13 and the excitement for it has waned in recent weeks as it was found that they would be missing some major updates. But now, a new exclusive revelation brings a surprise when it comes to the launch of the new Apple smartphone.

The Economic Daily News reports that the US company will not launch a series called the iPhone 12S, but will actually launch the iPhone 13 series. This would be a shock, given that there were statements that somehow confirmed the launch of the S series as many felt that Apple would avoid naming the new phone with the number 13 because of the reputation of this number, The name of the new series was supposed to be the iPhone 12S. This seemingly unreal idea was backed up at the time by rolling out some major updates for the next phone.

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It has been discussed for over a year that the iPhone 13 Pro will have 1 TB of internal memory. Trendforce refuted this rumor, saying that the new phones will have the same memory capacity: 128/256/512 GB for the Pro model and 64/128/256 GB for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. Not the fact that we won’t have a 1TB version is a downside, but the fact that there will no longer be a 512GB version for the medium model.

Also this month, it was rumored that Apple is planning to bring LiDAR to all iPhone 13 models. TrendForce also refuted this saying that LiDAR will be available only for the iPhone 13 Pro. This is a negative not only because Apple will do some LiDAR-based updates this year, but also because the LiDAR capability is unlikely to be revealed by third-party developers until it is available on all iPhones. Also, only the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models will have 5G compatibility. This will probably be the most obvious thing about the new series of Apple phones this year: the big gap between the Pro and non-Pro models that will widen significantly.

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The Economic Daily News also revealed the screen sizes of the new models. The iPhone 13 mini will have 5.4 inches, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro will have 6.1 inches, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max will have 6.7 inches. EDN also confirms that deliveries will begin in the third quarter, which confirms rumors that the iPhone 13 will be launched first. According to these rumours, Apple’s chip maker TSMC started production of A15 chips for the new iPhone 13 in May. This means that Apple has brought production down to pre-pandemic levels. Extending the production timeline of the new iPhone 13, it is in line with the iPhone 11, which was launched on September 20. This would mean that the iPhone 12 mini would be replaced in just 10 months and the rest of the iPhone 12 model in less than 11 months.

Another feature that Apple will roll out to the iPhone 13 is reverse charging. Apple phones already have this feature, but Apple is no exception. Either it aims to improve the efficiency of energy transfer or it intends to increase the charging power to close to the level of competition. However, the oversized induction coil will increase the production cost as well as the space footprint of the phone case. For the reverse charging function, the power will be limited to just 5W, enough for accessories like AirPods.

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The news is interesting because Apple fans expected the new generation name to mean an ambitious change in terms of updates, but also because Apple somehow overcame the chip crisis to launch the new phone earlier than expected. . However, the rumors surrounding the names of the new iPhones are conflicting, so we’ll have to wait until September to see what the truth is.

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