Is it the appearance of Windows 11 leaked on the Internet like macOS?

Inilah penampakan Windows 11 yang bocorannya tersebar di internet, mirip macOS?

KONTAN.CO.ID – This is the appearance of Windows 11 leaked on the Internet, is it similar to macOS? There are many changes from Windows 10, see how it looks screenshothandjob start up sound For Windows 11 start menu display.

After rumors of Windows 10 being retired in four years, this time the latest leak of Windows which allegedly uses the name Windows 11 has spread on the internet. Windows 11 will reportedly be the latest version of the successor to Windows 10 which will be announced by Microsoft soon.

The time for the announcement has not come, it turns out that Windows 11 leaks have spread across the internet. quote from Engadget, accounting Baidu Nominated sdra_owed Share Windows 11’s presence on the Internet.

account owner sdra_owed share screenshot Windows 11 Pro still running in version God The alias is still in development. At first glance, the appearance of Windows 11 is not much different from the Windows 10 that is commonly used today.

However, the Start Menu display looks a bit overhauled from Windows 10. Its location which has now shifted to the middle, makes Windows 11 look like macOS which uses Windows 10. dock Which is also located in the middle of the screen.

because it’s still a version God, it is possible that there are still many features or changes that have not been implemented by Microsoft. some icon like start button, file Explorer and many other applications are now in between such as one in screenshot.

According to Engadget By itself, the appearance of Windows 11 looks like Windows 10X at a glance that Microsoft canceled.

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more, tom warren ledge Managed to learn more about this Windows 11. A little nostalgic, it turns out that Windows 11 will have start up sound when the bus is on.

It reminds us of Windows 7 still being implemented start up sound Windows XP and Vista onwards. Tom Warren also pointed out that open application windows in Windows 11 have rounded corners on each side.

Unlike Windows 10, which has a sharp box window display.

In addition, Microsoft is also focusing on the Xbox ecosystem, which is now more accessible through Windows 11. The Xbox application is now integrated with Windows 11, making it easier for users to access Xbox Game Pass to play a variety of games.

We just have to wait for more details about Microsoft’s official announcement on June 24.


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