It’s comfortable and organized at all times

It's comfortable and organized at all times

You have to go shopping it doesn’t matter whether it’s a discounter, a supermarket or a delicatess: how are you going to shop comfortably and quickly, but also without huge crowds? On one hand, you can follow peak hours. In general, though, preparation is the be all and end: what I want. the Cook, What ingredients do I already have at home and where do I buy one? Shopping apps can easily help you with these points and give you access to all the important ingredients and ingredients in the supermarket Recipes Remember it.

Shopping made easy with these apps

Fetch!: The Popular One

The Bring app is the most popular shopping list in digital shopping list. She supports you before and during the purchase. “bring!” You can create a shopping list that can be divided into different areas or topics. For example, if you only want to make a list for your weekly purchases and also a list of ingredients for baking, the areas can be easily separated from each other.

If you are in the middle of the supermarket and have already put the product in your shopping cart, you can tick the corresponding item in your list with one click. Plus, you can share the shopping list with your family or flat share so everyone can see what still has to buy. However, for this you need to “Bring!” account is required. You set the quantity and add an image to all products “Fetch!” can also use.

Milk for Us: More Than a List

“Milk for us” goes beyond a typical shopping list. Instead, the developers combine Shopping Helper with a classic to-do list. On the one hand, you can plan your purchases with “Milk for Us” by making a list of the items you need. In addition, the app provides a supply list in which you can enter everything you already have at home and in what quantities. Both the digital slips of paper are provided with clear symbols so that they can be clearly identified at first glance.

  • Option: ,milk for usis a shopping app specifically aimed at multiple people, ie families or flat shares. Shopping lists can be edited simultaneously – but not for free.
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It is practical that “Milk for us” already has many classic household items stored in the database. This allows you to easily find and add them to your list. If the product isn’t saved in the app, you can add it with a button. “bring!” As with you can divide all the products into different categories and mark them as you shop. You can also store the supermarkets you visit regularly in the app and divide them into departments. “Milk for us” wants to save you time when shopping because you don’t have to search for long departments and such.

By the way: “Milk for us” is a shopping app specially aimed at multiple people, i.e. families or flat shares. Shopping lists can be edited together – but not for free.

Besorger: The Planner Between Shopping Apps

Shopping app “Besorgar” mainly focuses on planning. Nothing should be forgotten, no second course should be necessary. You can enter all the required products in the app and sort them by topic. For example, the grocery shopper puts vegetables and fruits on a list so that the freshest items can be put together in the shopping cart from the start. If you like a product in particular, you can add it to your favorites as well.

Furthermore, the app divides the groceries that still have to be purchased and those that are already in the shopping cart. So you always have an overview of the current situation. If you use different devices on the go, you can sync the list or “gesherber” across devices – provided you’ve created an account. What’s special about the app: It provides direct recipe ideas for the products on your inventory.

Shopping List: Data Protection Officer

Do you place a lot of value in apps? privacy, you will find what you are looking for in “The Shopping List”. The app doesn’t require an account, so you don’t need to provide name, email or any similar data. Instead, the app spits out a link every now and then, which you can share with others.

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The rest of the way it works is similar to the competition: You can enter all the groceries you need into the app and use it to organize your trip to the supermarket. The “shopping list” works mainly visually and divides all areas into different colors. Icons let you see at a glance what you are currently in. Alternatively, you can mix all the products as well.

Pon: Exclusive to iOS

Go with “pon”. Apple-Users an exclusive shopping list available only for iOS. In addition to a shopping list to be created, “Pon” offers a few practical features. So you can sort the products in your virtual shopping list according to the shelf system in the supermarket. This can save you having to search for a specific food item while shopping. You can also assign all your listings to specific stores. If you pass one of the stores, “Pon” will remind you of your purchase, provided you GPS enabled on your iPhone.

In addition, products that have already been purchased can be taken off the list – either manually or with a barcode scanner. If you are one of the bargain hunters and offer hunters, the “Pon” makes it possible to set campaign durations and reminders. Ultimately, you can sync app content with an unlimited number of devices and share it with other people. If you are currently in the supermarket, they will also receive a message. The app is not only compatible with your iPhone or iPad, but also with the Apple Watch.

Make a Pantry Instead of Hoarding When Shopping

HNGRY: The Modern One

“HNGRY” is modern—if only because of the missing vowels. With the app you create a house, which is also given a random name. So you can get an overview of all groceries, both real and virtual, in your home. In “HNGRY” you enter the products you already have in your pantry. Several foods have already been suggested. If they are not available, you can enter them manually.

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If you go shopping, you can also make a list with “HNGRY” and check items one by one. At the same time, your home gets replenished. If some groceries are running low again, the app reminds you to buy them. In addition, the app makes use of its smart character and offers shopping suggestions based on the products you have at home.

For “HNGRY” you need to create an account – through Google, Facebook and Company. It allows you to share your family with other people, such as your family.

Caso Food Manager: Virtual Fridge

Unlike “HNGRY”, you do not build a house with “Caso Food Manager”, but rather have a refrigerator. If you want, you can use the app to simulate your own refrigerator. To do this, you place all the products in the refrigerator manually or using a barcode scanner, as it actually happens. To be able to imitate “Caso Food Manager” reality, you should also set the correct temperature for each compartment.

Note: If you scan products, you will need to enter all the information yourself – such as weight, portion or use date. The reminder function also doesn’t work automatically.

You can divide all the food items into different categories for better overview. In addition, your fridge can be shared with other people and user rights can be set individually. It is possible that other people can edit, only view or manage your products.


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