John Romero confirmed the name of the ‘Doom’ hero once and for all

John Romero confirmed the name of the ‘Doom’ hero once and for all
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If you’ve ever wondered what the name of the iconic Doom hero is, we’ve got our own definite answer from that creator. John Romero, one of Doom’s fathers, has given a clear cut answer to those curious people about what they should call the sea, which could explain the value of the planet to the aliens.

During a Trivia session on Twitter, Romero responded to a fan, @FirithPanda, who asked what the name of the Doom Guy was: “Another Blazekoviz, Flynn Taggard, John Kane or what?” Romero was quick to respond with an answer.

He wrote, “The name of the doom cow is Doom Guy.” Now we know the correct spelling and the correct name. Case closed!

Of course, in the past the character was confused about being given different names. In past Doom novels the Doom Guy was referred to as the Flynn Taggart. In the Doom 3 novels, the Doom cow was named John Kane. Others believe it is actually Blazkovicz, like the Wolfenstein sports family name. This was clearly done when Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal debuted, referring only to the character as “Doom Slayer”.

Now, Romero has set us all straight, and there’s no reason to wonder what the real name is. With that in mind, it’s time to start waiting for the first DLC pack available for Doom Eternal later this month. Ancient God: Part One A new standalone extension leading to all platforms is Doom Eternal. It offers some much-needed monster slaughter with the Doom Guy (that’s what John Romero wants) and plenty of wrath from Catherine Neu is undoubtedly bound all those weeks we’ve endured in quarantine.

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