Legends of people other than Zelda

Legends of people other than Zelda

Whose legend is that? Titled Alundra, an Alven-Ishesh “Dreamwalker” who has the ability to penetrate other people’s sleeping brains – which, for some reason, inevitably takes the form of a shore-filled dungeon. Zelda-List puzzles and bosses.

What is a legend? After a sudden shipwreck, Alundra is washed ashore in the village of Inoa, whose inhabitants – easily enough – are plagued by an increasingly deadly series of nightmares that only their new inhabitants can do. Working with local scientist Septimus and fellow Dreamer Ker Maya, Alundra investigates the subconscious house of both the village and its inhabitants in an attempt to reach the bottom of the plague.

how Zelda Is it ❤️❤️❤️

Quite a bit, at least initially. With the split between overworld exploration and more elaborate dungeon delving, the top-down perspective is immediately clear. (Also, block-push, sliding ice puzzles and other stock Zelda Troops are wildly abundant.) But where Alundra Really interesting becomes where it differs from the Nintendo model by, well, well written. Instead of a series of static quest givers, heavy subjects, the inhabitants of Inoa evolve and change throughout the game, not always for the better, as the growing number of deaths, xenophobia and despair spread more and more despite Alundra’s best efforts. .

Hookshot y / n? No, but Alundra will get a huge assortment of sticks, boots, caps and more to upgrade its arsenal and movement capabilities. Interesting fact: Many of these items have been developed by local blacksmith Jess after being inspired by the death of someone in the village! AlundraJust kind of game.

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