Lenovo launches versions of the ThinkBook Gen 2, Intel and AMD

Lenovo luncurkan ThinkBook Gen 2, versi Intel dan AMD

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Lenovo launched a series of ThinkBook Gen 2 laptops, which are available in Indonesia in versions of Intel and AMD processors.

“Thinkbook offers a great combination of performance and style Stylish, Effective collaboration, security, and innovative features designed to work according to the needs of modern workers Distant “They were unlicensed,” SMB lead, Lenovo Indonesia, Willy Setiawan said in a statement on Friday.

Lenovo Indonesia brought six laptop models at the time of launch this month, namely the ThinkBook 13s, Thinkbook 14s, Thinkbooks 14, Thinkbooks 15, Thinkbook 14s Yoga and Thinkbook 15p.

The Gen 2 laptops of the Thinkbook 13 and 14 are thinly designed products, with a thickness starting at 1.49 centimeters and a starting weight of 1.26 kg, intended for high mobility users.

Both these aluminum laptops offer a screen-to-body ratio of 90 percent and ultra thin bezels. The Thinkbook 13s has a 13.3-inch display with 2.5K resolution.

The Thinkbook 14 and Thinkbook 15 come with 40GB of RAM, while the display ratio is 85 percent for the Thinkbook 14 and 88 percent for the Thinkbook 14.

The Thinkbook 14 comes with a choice of Intel and AMD processors, while the Thinkbook 15 comes with AMD only.

To protect the device from scratches, the Thinkbook 14s Yoga Yoga convertible laptop is equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass. Lenovo uses anti screen the stain To reduce fingerprints on the screen.

The Thinkbook 15p is supported by Intel’s 10th generation H Series processors and NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1650Ti graphics options.

All ThinkBook Gen 2 models launched are supported with the feature noise cancellation Powered by artificial intelligence to create a clearly heard user voice during video conferencing and auto-boot when opening the laptop’s lid without pressing the power button.

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Lenovo also brings ThinkSter security features for privacy when enabling a webcam.

The ThinkBook Gen 2 version of the Intel processor starts at IDR 9,100,000, while the AMD version starts at IDR 8,100,000.

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