Let’s run non-stop and get various exciting prizes by joining the Kiko Run contest!


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Enjoy Kiko Run game by running non-stop to collect as many points as possible! photo/document

Jakarta – Hi gamers and friends of Kiko! have you heard the news Keiko Run Competition It’s back now, isn’t it? Don’t miss it, let’s register right away! Enjoy Kiko Run Game with running non stop To collect as many points as possible!

kiko run is endless run game Which is great fun and can be played by anyone, or anywhere. The game is an adaptation of the MNC Animation animated series called Kiko, which airs every Sunday at 09.00 WIB on RCTI. Kiko Run was created to make users more active and imaginative.

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Besides this game, there is also Lola Bakery game, a game produced by PT Esports Star Indonesia (ESI). Well, this time PT ESI in association with MNC Animation again organized the Kiko Run competition. Players have a chance to win this competition and win various prizes, ranging from various free in-game items to hundreds of millions of rupees!

The way to participate in the Kiko Run contest is really easy! You only need to register through the form in RCTI+ application or you can directly click on the following link https://bit.ly/KikoCompMNC_32. Fill in your personal data correctly and in accordance with your personal letter, such as Family Card or KTP. This will make the process of validating your data easier in the future without any problems!

Play Kiko Run game by running continuously, avoiding every annoying obstacle, and collecting every coin to increase your score! Make sure you enter “KIKOMNC32” in the Kiko Run game, so that all Shoes What you collect can be viewed on the Kiko Run leaderboard.

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Don’t worry, you still have plenty of time, as this contest will take place in the month of November. Let’s make the most of our time to enjoy this totally free contest!

Only participants who have successfully verified their data have a chance to win the Kiko Run contest, so make sure your data is filled in correctly, right! Download the app and login RCTI+ and kiko run game on app store or play store.

Wait on the RCTI+ app or Instagram @mncgamescom for more details. Because registration for the Kiko Run contest does not charge a fee, beware of scams on the part of the Kiko Run contest or multinational company, OK!



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