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The well-known mobile game company Netmarble Hot Pepper held a media tea party today (14), (from left) Netmarble Hot Pepper general manager Lin Dajun, “Two States Interlaced World” project manager Chen Ying, and “Two States Interlaced World” “Project Zhang Xiangyun. Picture: Cai Jingzhiu / Photo

The well-known mobile game company Netmarble Hot Pepper hosted a media tea party today (14), inviting media partners to experience some fictional adventure RPG mobile game “Ninokuni: Interlaced World”. Pre-booking of the game was officially started. Today.

Fantasy-adventure rpg mobile game

The fantasy-adventure RPG mobile game “Ni no Kuni: Interlaced World” is set to begin today. Picture: Net Stone Stick Pepper / Provided

The classic game “Ni no Kuni” series will launch a new work “Ni no Kuni: Interlaced World” on the mobile platform. This game series inherits the style and worldview of IP. The co-existence of the real world and fantasy world in the game. The two are expected to officially meet with the players in June, providing two completely different experiences. “Ninokuni: Interlaced World” is rich in depth of game plot, which coincides with Ghibli-style exquisite graphics, combined with the stunning soundtrack created by music master Hisashi, to let players sink into the fictional world of Ninokuni and not Enjoy the game only system, but also a refreshing feast of sight and hearing.

“Ni no Kuni: Interlaced World” has a Ghibli style exquisite design. Picture: Net Stone Stick Pepper / Provided

Director of Development Park Beomjin said: “Because the time point of” Nine States: Interlond World “is set in the distant future of” Nine States II: Kingdom Again “, players will be able to see characters, names, monsters, etc. before this. Has come. Eudemons, Humayo and other elements. I believe that fans of the original work can enjoy new stories in “Ni no Kuni: Interlaced World, while looking at the original elements and smiling at the same time.” The production team will actively follow up with other IPs. Collaboration, and I am also pleased that through internal discussion, “Ninokuni: Interlaced World” may be an opportunity for players to collaborate with the previous series of the series to bring the best experience.

Through the elaborate face pinching system, players can customize the character’s hairstyle, hair color, and other settings as they wish, and even the character’s height and body can be modified, which is quite extensive . As an open world MMORPG mobile game, players can enjoy not only smooth and exciting battles, but also “kingdom” multiplayer game modes similar to Guild Wars. Players can build houses in the game simultaneously, not only directly decorating or changing the design of the state, but also using it as a base to launch a “state defense war” against other states, most Compete for stronger titles in the state, and enjoy greater gains in sports and experience. In addition to the main plot and battles, there are many mini-games that you can enjoy in your free time, such as dice games, sound stone demonstrations and other colorful activities, allowing players to have fun and experience online with their friends. Are “Kingdom of Two”: Interlaced World “rich and varied gameplay and fun.

The elaborate character pinching system allows players to create their own shapes. Picture: Cai Jingzhiu / Photo

The elaborate character pinching system allows players to create their own shapes. Picture: Cai Jingzhiu / Photo

“Ninkoku: Interlaced World” is pre-appointed to run today (14), until the reservation is completed on the dual platform, you will be able to get the Eudemons “Bull King” after the game starts. Make an appointment on the official website and you will receive prizes like “Excited Meow Game Emoji”, “HP Small Potion” * 100, and “Gold Coins” * 50,000. In addition, there is a “Friend Invitation Program” on the official website. After completing the prescribed task, you can get the “Costume Sum coupon” * 10. After 5 friends invited by the player can complete the task. Get an additional code to get the cute cat “woo dada hat”.

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